Breaking the Pattern

From time to time, Ryan and I feel like we are dangerously close to falling into the same old pattern:  take-out, movie, sleep.  When that starts to happen we immediately slip out of the sweats, put on something nice and treat ourselves to a tasty temptation.  This week, Ryan called me after work and said, “Babe, let me take you for that latte you’ve been wanting.”  We decided to try a trendy spot in Studio City,  Joan’s On Third.  My mocha latte was simply perfect.  Smooth and slightly sweet topped with a gorgeous design.  Heaven.  Ryan choose a Chicken, Bacon and Brie grilled sandwich and I went with Grandma’s sandwich, a delicious combination of cold cuts, cheese and dijon mustard on a fresh roll.  We left feeling full, rejuvenated and flirtatious.